Strategic supplementation can help you feel better sooner

In an ideal world, we would consume abundant nutrients from fresh, whole foods alone.

Realistically, anyone who’s been relying on convenience foods, restricting calories or yo-yo dieting may not be consuming a complete array of nutrients from food alone. Many common medications conflict with or deplete certain nutrients, as do chronic health conditions, addictions, exposure to pollutants, lifestyle habits and patterns of stress. In addition, modern agricultural practices have altered the nutrient composition of crops and the soil they grow in. 

Strategic supplements can help correct nutritional deficiencies before degenerative conditions arise. Supplemental nutrients can hasten recovery from illness and boost immunity, energy and mood by simply replacing what we lack, so that our bodies are not struggling to remain in balance. Complex metabolic processes require nutrients working in synergy. Once our essential nutrient levels are replenished, we can focus on foods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to continue thriving. 

Professional, pharmaceutical grade supplements deliver the purest, most potent and effective formulas that are rigorously tested to ensure absorption and assimilation in our bodies. They are formulated and manufactured with the highest quality materials and standards, and are third-party tested. Top-quality supplements are free of allergens such as gluten, wheat, and soy, artificial dyes and flavors, and potentially harmful excipients and unnecessary fillers. Professional grade supplements are only intended for distribution by qualified healthcare professionals.

Please consult with your Nutrition Therapist to determine which supplements may be beneficial for you. There is no one correct protocol for everybody. It is important to consider any medications you may be taking and gather a complete health history.

For your convenience, Delicious Nutritious, LLC can have your nutritional supplements shipped directly to your address.