Elimination Diet Pros and Cons Colorado

How do we work together? 

I offer private, one-on-one consultations in person at my office in Denver, Colorado. I also offer phone or virtual meetings for busy circumstances or distance clients anywhere. My typical meeting hours are Tuesday-Thursday, 10am-6pm and Friday from 10am-5pm, MST. Mondays are my administrative and research days when I prepare for the week ahead.

How do I get started?

There are two ways to get started. Click the green links below to schedule instantly:

  1. Complimentary Intro Call: I offer a complimentary 15-minute call discuss your goals and my philosophy and structure for helping you achieve those goals. This is a compatibility check to see if we'll work well together. We dive into the specifics of your case in the New Client Intake.

  2. New Client Intake: Our first meeting is a 90-minute comprehensive case review of your health history and factors leading up to your current situation. We establish goals and start creating a tailored solution for you. You leave with both a “big picture” action plan and attainable first steps to take. Please see FORMS page for instructions about how to fill out your New Client forms.

You may start with either option.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Click here to schedule online. Choose either “Complimentary Intro Call” or New Client Intake.”

You may also call me directly at (303) 722-7698 or email info@deliciousnutritioushealth.com.

After scheduling the "New Client Intake" meeting you'll be sent a detailed confirmation email with instructions about how to complete the New Client Intake questionnaire and record your Food Journal. Kindly review my Policies and Consent form so that you understand the nature of my practice, communications and payment policies, etc. All of the forms you'll need are posted on the FORMS page for your convenience.

What is the structure of appointments?

After your New Client Intake I recommend Update Meetings every 3-6 weeks, depending on your personal situation. Regular meetings provide accountability to help you stay on track. This allows us to adjust your plan based on how your body is responding. We may have Check-In Calls or do Email Consulting to accommodate important questions and busy schedules.

If you would benefit from more intensive TLC, I offer Monthly Concierge Support so that we keep in touch by phone and email. We may run some functional lab tests or implement nutritional supplement protocols for healing or replenishment.

I believe in implementing small, attainable changes so that your plan is not overwhelming and you can successfully integrate new habits. At first we may meet every 2-3 weeks as we’re building your plan. As we progress, we may allow more time between meetings.

What happens at Update appointments?

We keep you moving ahead as you integrate new habits into your daily life and monitor how your symptoms change. I provide education about how your body works, how it got to this place and how to rebalance it using therapeutic foods, nutrients, hydration, meal timing, fitness and lifestyle improvements. You leave with a clear action plan. During meetings we check on those action items to determine what’s working and what’s not. We continue to customize your plan, and gather more info with testing as needed, until you reach your goals.

How many appointments will I need?  

This depends on your goals and your body – the complexities of imbalances and how quickly your body responds. Some clients feel better in a few sessions, for others it takes months or a year. Remember that your health challenges likely took years to develop, so unraveling and healing old problems can take time. For this reason, I offer Value Packages and Concierge Support to support you for months at a time. 

In addition to our regular meetings, whether these take place in person or over the phone, I offer Check-In Call phone meetings in convenient, affordable 15-minute increments. If you are embarking on a new way of eating or, say, on a Candida clearing protocol, these calls are important to have every few weeks.

If you prefer to email instead of have calls, I offer Email Consulting for brief Q&A at the same rate as Check-In Calls. This encompasses my time in reading and responding to messages.

What is your nutritional philosophy?

I recommend natural, fresh food that our bodies can use and recognize. I don’t advise any one “diet” for everybody or anybody. Clients come in having tried all various approaches -  a vegetarian or vegan diet, a Paleo diet, juicing, the Atkins diet, eating all organic vegetables, or trying various pre-packaged foods measured out in teeny tiny calorie counts and portions. (Hint: That approach is OUTDATED!) There is no universally applicable set of food facts that will help everyone be well other than to eat real, clean food in quantities and combinations appropriate for each individual. That’s where I can help!

Let food be your medicine Hippocrates Quote

What made you become a nutritionist?

I always wanted to live a healthy life, but in my younger years, I had no idea what that meant. I felt poorly for years and recovered with much dedication and hard work. Read more about my journey to good health on the Meet Catherine page. I am excited to share all that I’ve learned, personally and professionally, so that my clients can feel their best again.

WhICH types of clients do you work with?

Most of my clients are busy, stressed adults or students who are juggling work, school, family and self-care. My clients are smart, curious, and love learning about how their bodies work and how to achieve sustainable success! When I work with teenagers, I can explain how my health journey might have been smoother had I learned to eat well early on. I specialize in digestive problems, food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, gluten disorders, immune & autoimmune system health, and boosting energy and vibrancy.  I can refer potential clients who need help with prenatal or young pediatric nutrition, autism, biotoxin illness (Lyme and mold), oncology, disordered eating, detailed genetic analysis and advanced geriatric concerns to trusted colleagues who specialize in these areas.

What are your à LA CARTE rates?  

  • New Client Intake is $175 for advance case review + 90 minutes + action plan

  • Update Meetings are $110 for + 60 minutes + advancing your personal action plan

  • Check-in Calls are $25 for 15 minute increments, a flexible option between meetings

  • Email Consulting for brief Q&A is $25 for 15 minute increments of reading and responding to messages

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How are Value Packages beneficial for results, support and savings?

Value Packages offer an investment in consistent communication, progress and care to encourage optimal healing. These value packages are pre-paid in full at or before the first session, which means savings for you! Click the green link to learn more.

Value Packages reflect savings from à la carte rates:

  • Jump Start Value Package is $355

    • New Client Intake Meeting

    • 2 Update Meetings

    • Value: $395

  • Health Makeover Value Package is $523

    • New Client Intake Meeting

    • 4 Update Meetings

    • Value: $615

  • Health Builder Value Package is $289

    • 3 Update Meetings

    • Follows a New Client Intake Meeting or any other package

    • Value: $330

  • Monthly Concierge Support subscription is $249

    • 2 thirty-minute phone meetings, scheduled 2 weeks apart

    • Monitoring of your Food Journal, if you're keeping one

    • Weekly email outreach

    • Unlimited email support to answer all of your questions

    • Perfect for clients on elimination diets, dealing with chronic or acute conditions, or on scheduled supplement protocols to heal the gut and clear infections

    • Value: $310

    • Subscription is renewed monthly

Schedule your Complimentary Intro Call so we can discuss what's best for your personal situation. Or, email me directly at info@deliciousnutritioushealth, or call (303) 722-7698.

Do you take insurance?

I do not accept or directly bill health insurance. If nutrition services were prescribed by your doctor, you may be able to use your FSA or HSA card for services; check with your provider. If requested, I can provide a billing statement for consulting services that includes your prior diagnosis code(s) from medical doctors or other licensed providers. You can submit this statement to your insurer for possible or partial reimbursement. Check payment to Delicious Nutritious, LLC is welcome. All major credit cards are accepted, online or in person.

Where are you located?

400 E 3rd Avenue, Denver, CO, 80203, just south of Downtown Denver, and between the Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek and Washington Park neighborhoods, convenient to both 1-25 and the 6th Avenue freeway. Driving directions from major intersections are on my Contact page. There is free parking in the circle driveway of the building, spots marked "visitor" in the attached lot, and street parking. Please note that all meetings are by appointment.


Yes! While I love to meet all my clients in person, phone calls and/or virtual meetings are great when schedules are busy, traffic is heavy, hail is falling, blizzards are swirling, etc.

I look forward to meeting you soon! Cheers to your health!