Delicious Nutritious Reviews

Read some reviews from Delicious Nutritious clients

Catherine is competent, brilliant, dedicated and passionate. I have complicated nutrition / metabolic problems. Of all my providers she is the most helpful and concerned. Highly recommended.
— David, M.D.
I struggled with terrible digestive issues, blood sugar problems, and amenorrhea for 7 years. I visited multiple doctors and even flew out to a nationally known clinic in Portland, OR in desperation to solve my case. Luckily, I was introduced to Catherine and within one month of working with her, I already saw huge improvement! With Catherine’s knowledge and sincerity, she determined I had candida, leaky gut, SIBO, and major nutrient deficiencies. As a certified gluten practitioner, Catherine has also taught me the importance of a grain free diet, considering I’m a celiac disease patient.

I now have regular periods and stable blood sugar so I can live a healthy life in the outdoors! However, what I love most about Catherine is her persistence and thoroughness with my case. She will not give up researching, talking to colleagues, and attending seminars until I am 100%! Her passion for nutrition and helping people has inspired me to attend her alma mater, Nutrition Therapy Institute. I know Catherine will always be a role model to me!
— K.H.
I saw Catherine when I needed some guidance with my health and Celiac Disease issues. WOW! She has a very warm and compassionate energy. I could tell right away that she has a passion for what she does and helping others. I left there with many strategies, ideas, and new information that I could easily implement. Anytime I had a question or concern, she would email me back soon after and send me exactly what I needed; e.g. smoothie recipes. She knows her stuff. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants health and nutrition support, she was a life saver!
— H.M.
Catherine taught me so much about my food sensitivities and how to just live naturally, healthy, and whole. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I count myself lucky to know her!
— Lexi Steele
Catherine has been instrumental in helping me improve my GI health and achieve my overall well-being goals. When I first started working with her, I was having very uncomfortable GI symptoms driven by unwanted bad bacteria, deficiencies in key minerals and vitamins, and an inadequate consumption of nutritional foods (more veggies!!). She was able to effectively assess my situation and recommended a course of action to correct it. She was very consultative throughout the process and guided me to a path of overall improved health and wellness.
Thank you Catherine!!
— M.I.
I don’t have any symptoms! And bathroom habits are normal, before I came in my medication had definitely worn off, my symptoms were getting bad again but now it is like I am on medicine!
— A 19 year old client with Crohn’s disease
The first thing I noticed about Catherine when working with her is that she is in good shape and has a clear complexion. It is critical for me to work with someone who “practices what she preaches” and looks healthy. The kind of person I need to guide me to healthful outcomes is someone who is more disciplined than I am.

I came to Catherine with a horrendous sugar addiction. Because I have read that sugar causes cancer and my mother died of the disease, I was motivated to try and see if I could overcome this. I was also having skin problems (perioral dermatitis, acne, cold sores, etc.) and seemed to get sick with a sore throat/cold almost monthly. I also dealt with occasional bouts of anxiety.

After seeing Catherine, I learned about problems I had with candida, leaky gut and food sensitivities. By changing my diet and taking the supplements my body needed, I have seen incredible results. My skin is clear again. I no longer need sugar three times per day and can, in fact, go days without it. I don’t get sick as frequently as I used to and I feel calm and less stressed. My bowel movements are very regular and easy.

I would highly recommend Catherine. Anytime someone asks me about a health problem, she is the first person I recommend they see.
— L.D., a recovered sugar addict
I lost 4 lbs in 4 days!!!! After 4 days I feel great. Thanks for your down to earth eating advice. I am so happy I can eat again.
— A weight management and emotional eating client
All it took for a healthier, more stable, happier life was decreasing consumption of certain things. I’m learning! Thank you for your support in my healthy lifestyle changes.
— Audrey
I’m excited about all of these changes. This time last year I honestly believed that I would run out of food to eat and die within 2-3 years. This put me in a pretty bad place, so going through the testing has given me a lot of hope moving forward.
—  A celiac disease client who took the MRT food sensitivity test and followed the LEAP protocol
After a decade of choking on my food, trouble swallowing, severe reflux, struggling to maintain adequate weight, insomnia, inability to dream, anxiety, and dependence on antidepressants to keep me from ending my life, I did food sensitivity testing. My reaction to wheat was 53 on a normal scale of 1-10! I understand that I am almost certainly celiac and went completely wheat and gluten-free. After 3 months I stopped taking antidepressants. Now it’s been 6 months and I can I sleep, dream and wake feeling refreshed. I am at a healthy weight and can eat without distress. I look forward to living the rest of my life!
— T. R., age 40
I’ve been feeling much improved compared to a few months ago. Getting an education on basic nutrition and our daily diet was eye opening, and I’ve corrected some bad habits from before. I’ve eliminated sugar (mostly) and am eating much less gluten. These two things have been huge for me, and I’m feeling less cramps, more regular, and just generally “better.” Thank you so much for your guidance.
— A SIBO and digestive health client