I offer a complimentary intro call to discuss your health goals and determine how I can help you feel better. This is a compatibility check! It's about finding the right fit. You and your situation are unique. I tailor services to meet your needs, preferences and lifestyle, and focus on the best course of action for YOU.



Your new client intake meeting is a comprehensive case review of your health history, nutrition and lifestyle followed by an initial action plan. I'll provide an intake questionnaire and food journal template in advance so that we maximize the value of our 90 minute session. You are welcome to share any past heath records.


Together, we update your action plan to help you achieve your health goals. My most successful clients stay on track with a 60 minute update meeting every 2-4 weeks to continue integrating healthy habits. As we are first developing your plan, we may meet more frequently. When you start to feel better, we can space out meetings further. We can meet in person or by phone when necessary.

It can take time to determine the root cause(s) of your health concerns and identify successful solutions. I offer value packages to support you for months at a time. Illness is often the result of years of imbalance, so achieving vibrant health is a process.



Have just a few questions or need a coaching session? Let's have a quick check-in call. Schedule in 15-minute increments as you need. 

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  • You may choose a la carte services or value packages and special programs.
  • Value packages and programs reflect substantial savings from a la carte rates.
  • Check payment to Delicious Nutritious, LLC is welcome.
  • Major credit cards and debit are accepted.
  • Flex plans and health savings accounts will often cover nutritional services and supplements; check with your provider.
  • Delicious Nutritious, LLC does not accept or bill insurance. You may request a billing summary for services to submit to your insurance carrier.

Partner labs for FUNCTIONAL HEALTH testing

  • BioHealth Laboratory can test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), gastrointestinal health, hormone balance and more.
  • Cyrex Laboratories offers precise testing arrays to identify autoimmune reactions to gluten, chemicals other specific irritants, and can help pinpoint which bodily systems are affected.
  • Through Direct Labs we can order routine blood work typically ordered by a doctor's office, outside of the insurance system and at a fraction of the cost.
  • DRG Laboratory can detect parasites, pathogens and antibiotic-resistant genes via stool analysis.
  • The DUTCH test offers a very user-friendly, simple dried urine test for comprehensive hormones.
  • The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing testing for nutritional factors in chronic illnesses such as autism, fibromyalgia, and ADHD. This lab offers a comprehensive diagnostic stool analysis for gastrointestinal wellness, organic acids testing for metabolic function and testing for food allergy (IgE) and sensitivity (IgG) reactions to foods.
  • Meridian Valley Labs can test for food sensitivity (IgG) reactions. It can assess cardiovascular health, blood viscosity, glucose management and gastrointestinal health. This lab offers bloodspot tests that work well for kids or adults who don't like needles.
  • The MRT test through Oxford Biomedical Technologies detects reactivity to 150 foods, additives and chemicals. Test results are followed by the LEAP (Lifestyle Eating And Performance) healthy food reintroduction program to calm food reactions and painful symptoms including IBS, headache, migraines, fibromyalgia and more.
  • SpectraCell Laboratories measures the levels of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) in your body. This lab also tests for cardiometabolic, hormone and thyroid health markers plus genetic predispositions that can be addressed with nutrition, such as the MTHFR polymorphism.
  • VibrantAmerica offers cutting-edge new technology to assess wheat and gluten reactions and a leaky gut test.
  • Functional tests are not intended to diagnose disease or illness; they help reveal the root causes of health concerns and are adjunct to understanding nutritional status.